Sunday, April 24, 2016

Three Week Update

Oops..somehow three weeks slipped by without a blog post. I think I've been busy. ;)
I have been very committed to getting myself fit and healthy and have had just one rest day in the last three weeks, many times working out twice in the same day. I do some form of cardio everyday which is either hiking or running as well as a the Kayla Itsines workout I mentioned in my last post (they are killer by the way..and are a mix of cardio and strength training). 

I am starting to see changes already which is definitely encouraging. Pardon the crappy phone picture but I'm starting to see some muscle definition and I'm thrilled.

Most of these pictures are taken from my Snapchat or Instagram accounts, you can follow me @mariahdupuy for both.

Switching up the same boring workout bun with some fun braids.

I have been making sure to get at least three recovery workouts in a week as well which is either a yoga class at my favourite yoga studio Harmony Yoga, or a half hour at home of foam rolling and stretching at home. Foam rolling is my new best friend by the way, stayed tuned for an upcoming post about that.

Eating has been probably 80-85% on point. I am not cutting anything out of my diet as that has not worked for me in the past, I'm just being reasonable in my choices. Eating mostly clean with the occasional taste or two of things that I have a craving for. Even this stuff is mostly clean and unprocessed like mixed nuts with a few chocolate covered peanuts in there. Lest you think I'm always on however, I have also had some frozen yogurt with the kids and every morning I have a teaspoon of sugar in my tea. I have tried different sweeteners (honey, coconut sugar etc..) in an effort to avoid the refined sugar but quite frankly I love my sugar tea and that's how I'm going to drink it. I used to have a cup in the morning and one in the afternoon but I have cut the afternoon one out and have been drinking way more water.

We have been using the grill a lot for quickly grilling up some veggies with olive oil and fresh herbs.

This cottage cheese, cucumber, grape tomato and fresh ground pepper mix has quickly become one of my favourite snacks. Lots of protein and veg, it fills you up and it's delicious.

I'm feeling really really good. It's quite amazing the change in how I'm feeling when I'm pushing myself like this. I have way more energy, I sleep really well, I feel very driven and accomplished, and I am just overall happier.

Happy Sunday!