Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lashes For Days

I recently got lash extensions as you can probably tell from the title of this blog post, and Ladies, they are life changing.

You know how you're always on the hunt for that perfect mascara? Length, volume, no smudging, no flaking, super black, doesn't irritate your eyes, waterproof would be great but it's so hard to get off and it makes your lashes feel stiff so you usually get regular...lash extensions check all those boxes and you don't have to worry about putting them on and taking them off everyday. 

You wake up in the morning and your lashes look amazing, so amazing in fact that you can easily get away with no other make up because your eyes are on point.

If you want to glam it up a little more with some make up than the lashes are the perfect counterpoint.

These will make summer make up so easy, swim, play at the beach, sweat...your lashes continue to look amazing and no raccoon eyes.

 Please remember folks, lash extensions are getting quite popular and there are a lot of fly by night types popping up. Make sure you are going to someone who has been properly trained in application. Badly applied ones not only look bad they feel bad too. 

I had my lashes done by Eyelash Extensions by Marissa, and she did an excellent job. She was quick, thorough, and when she was done the lashes felt great, I can't feel a thing, it's like they are my very own.

Marissa and I had a great chat and I told her I would love to share these lashes with you, my readers, so she is offering all of you an excellent discount of $10 off an application of classic lashes, which is what I have, or $20 off the application of a full set.

To book an appointment you can message her through her Facebook page in the above link or call: #250-701-4247.

This post is not sponsored in anyway, I just love my lashes and wanted to share.

The necklace I am wearing is from Often Wander.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE having lash extensions!!!! Make ya feel pretty, look pretty and look more alert and wide awake!!! Thinking I need them again after your post!!!!

    1. Where have they been all my life!? lol. I love them!

  2. I loved mine when I had them it was the price and the regular fills that was a bit much to swallow. I assume your gal is down in your area...a little far for me. Definitely getting them for the wedding day though !

    1. Oh yes, I wish they had been a thing when I got married!