Monday, September 7, 2015

My Go To Lip Colours

It took me quite awhile to feel comfortable wearing a lot of colour on my lips even though I love it on other people. I always felt like that's all people were looking at when they talked to me (Hello Lips!) but I moved beyond that and even if they are, who cares...I love a great pop of colour.
Having said that I don't wear bright colours everyday simply because of the maintenance factor and the need to reapply often to keep your lips looking good.

My everyday lip colour is a pretty nude shade that goes with everything, it's made by Rimmel from the Lasting Finish Nude Collection by Kate Moss. I have colour number 42 and on top of this I apply Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in 170 Coral Reef, so pretty and very low maintenance. It's kind of a your lips but better look.

On days when I want to wear some colour I turn to this great shade from Flower beauty, it's their Sheer Lip Tint in Dewy Rose. It looks a bit intense in these pictures but it's actually very wearable and you can build the colour up from a light wash to what you see here. It feels like you have nothing on your lips, very comfortable.

What are your go to lip colours? Do you like rocking a bold lip?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I posted yesterday to The Pulse Facebook page saying how much I loved Fabletics and there were some questions on what outfits I had etc.. so I thought I would expand on it a little in a blog post. I first decided to try it out because it had either come up through my Facebook feed or while I was surfing online. I had heard about it of course as it's been around for awhile but what really drew me in was the fact that your first outfit is only $25. That to me seemed like a very inexpensive way to decide if I liked it or not. I mean, that's cheaper than Wal Mart right?

This is the first outfit I chose:

I even posted a picture of it to Instagram before taking it out for it's first run.

I was very impressed. One of my biggest pet peeves about workout bottoms is that they roll down when you run...I hate that! These are high enough waisted that they comfortably cover your tummy and tight enough that they stay there. They also have a nice wide waist band, and inside the band is a little pocket where you can store a key and/or some money etc.. while you run.
I wore the top a ton over the summer just casually with shorts as it's breezy and flowy and I loved the colour.

My next outfit consisted of these two pieces (they no longer had a picture on the website of the two together as an outfit):

The top is comfy and good for working out or casual wear but does feel a little cheaply made (thin), so is probably my least favourite purchase but I still use it all the time. The bottoms are the same as the first outfit just in a different colour, and I love that bright colour. I wore these to the Coastal Black  Solstice 5K Fun Run

This was my third outfit and the first time I decided to go for a sports bra:

This bra is awesome. It was listed as high support and it's true, great for running and cute too. Highly recommend.

This is the fourth outfit I received:

Fabletics had a graffiti artist design several pieces for their August collection and these crops were one of those pieces, super funky.
 I love the low back on the top which shows off the fun design of the sports bra. The bra was a medium support and while obviously not as supportive as the high support I can still run in it.

I hope that gives you a better idea of what Fabletics is all about and maybe you'll try them for yourself. They get two enthusiastic thumbs up from me for sure!