Friday, June 27, 2014

Business Highlight: Botani Glass

I'm so excited to bring you today's very unique business highlight. Botani Glass is a Vancouver BC based business and consists of clear resin encapsulated botanical jewelry. I have never seen anything quite like it.

Owner Shawna is just starting out but I suspect it won't be long until she can't keep up with the orders coming in. You can really feel the love and passion she puts into each piece and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

Here in Shawna's own words is a little about Botani Glass:

Botani Glass is a dream in the making. A thought that was so pervasive, I would daydream about making this particular type of jewelry. I felt like creating a living memory in a piece of clear resin would be such an incredible way to hold on tightly to a special item. Then my earth sign kicked in and I realized: everybody resonates with a particular botanical (some love them all) and I suppose it started from there. Because creating with this incredible medium can be very challenging, I have definitely had to learn the hard way many times when attempting new ideas, but I am slowly figuring out what works best for me and what can't be done. I have spent so many hours researching resin and mould making, and have slowly found some resources for all of the material I need. Pouring resin is definitely a science, and I feel as though I am still working through some growing pains; albeit with great perseverance.

What I also began to realize was that I was getting outside more.. ok a LOT more; and so was my family. We would walk around anywhere and find interesting botanicals all over the city. I began to see a micro world I knew existed, but rarely took the time to look. I have also been learning a lot more about plant species and herbs. This continues to be infectious to all of my close people as I often receive phone calls telling me that they can't help but 'look for cool things to put in resin'. In fact, Im pretty sure my 6 year old asks me to put everything he finds in resin for him. My husband is so supportive and, even in our small house with limited space, sweetly nicknamed the kitchen 'resin town' and carefully moves around copious amounts of upside down container lids to reach the coffee in the morning. 

* I am always looking to make contacts with people willing to share their gardens with me ( I usually only take a few blooms from each plant) in exchange for a piece of jewelry. I specifically want pulsatilla and clematis seed heads as of right now. 

Now for the pieces...

This is a dandelion seed head...amazing..

A beautiful tulip petal..


Love this pretty pink ornamental cherry tree blossom pendant.

This heliopsis leaf....looks almost fairy like..

Lavender...I love purple and this is so pretty.

These ammonite earrings are incredible...

The photos shown here are just a very small taste of what is available, you can see many more on the Botani Glass Facebook page. Also, if you are lucky enough to be in the area Botani Glass has been invited to be an artisan vendor for Canada Day at Saltys Market! Shawna also does custom work if there is a special keepsake you would like to have made into a pendant or earrings.

And speaking of earrings, I am very pleased to offer a giveaway to readers of the The Pulse. There are two beautiful pairs of earrings available which means there will be two winners! All you have to do to enter is like both the Botani Glass Facebook page and The Pulse Facebook page, and then let me know in the comments section which piece is your favourite. For an extra entry sign up to follow this blog and share this blog post on Facebook and then let me know that you did in the comments section. 

These are the earrings for the giveaway

Baltic Amber...

and these lovely little ferns.

I honestly want every piece I've seen, they are just so pretty. A big thank you to Shawna for sharing her business with The Pulse.

P.S. The online book of the month club will begin on July 1st with The Fault in Our Stars so make sure you have your book by then!


  1. These are so fantastic!! So hard to pick a favourite :)

  2. Hard to pick just one but the ammonite earrings would go perfectly with a necklace I have...

  3. Love the leaf and tulip necklaces so neat!

  4. the ferns are adorable but my favorite from the page is dandelion stuff

  5. I love so many if her precious pieces, my favourite being the dandelion ball. Shawna is so talented and such a special soul, I'm so happy you both connected.

  6. I love the ammonite earrings!! Renee B

  7. I love the fern earrings! Nell Divinagracia

    1. Hi Nell, you have won the fern earrings in the giveaway, please contact me ASAP! :)

    2. Hooray! I can't wait! They are super amazing! I sent you a PM!