Monday, June 2, 2014

How does your garden grow?

I'm not exactly gifted with a green thumb...outdoor gardens, name it, they give up the ghost when they come to my house. I have always loved and admired other peoples gardens and other than one year when I grew more tomatoes than I knew what to do with, I've been a little jealous of them too. I do think it's important to grow at least a little of what you eat, and really the more the better, so this year I'm determined to change my black thumb to green.

I chose a sunny location in my yard, a former flower bed that was completely overgrown. Judging by how well the plant life was doing I think I made the right decision.

A little elbow grease and this is what I had to work with..

and I had some very happy ladies.

The next step was adding some nice compost and a little more topsoil, which I did...about five bags worth. I also cut the big bush on the far side back to allow more light. Then it was time to buy some sets to plant. It turns out that I was a little late doing this. I know in my area that the May long weekend is traditionally the weekend to plant your garden as all danger of frost has passed....note to self..if you are buying sets don't wait until the following weekend. Pickings were rather slim at the local nursery. If my plan goes how I want it to then next year I will be starting my own sets and won't have to worry about that, but this year I did plant some seeds directly into the soil.

I planted two different varieties of tomatoes in the half wine barrel beside the garden. I have visions of many slices of tomatoes on toast, in sandwiches, chopped up in salads, in bruschetta...the options are endless and we eat a lot of tomatoes in this family.

I left my trusty bee balm plant in the corner of my garden. It's been hardy, blooms well and the blooms smell lovely.

I planted lettuce, one spaghetti squash, a few cucumber seeds, a few zucchini seeds, two cauliflower plants, two broccoli plants, a few sugar snap peas, two rows of carrot seeds and one row of radish seeds. Now we wait (and water!).

My feet did require a good soak once I was done but I have to admit, I do like having some dirt between my toes...a sign of a connection with the earth and time spent outdoors in the sun and fresh air.

I'm an avid reader and read lots of how to books as well as fiction, I would love to hear your gardening book recommendations.

I've been looking at this one...thoughts?


  1. I have that book (I bought it years ago from Lee Valley) Good advice for rookies and those who want to grow a lot of veg in small plots!You can borrow it if you like!

    1. That would be great, thank you! I'm definitely a rookie and could use all of the help I can get. ;)