Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sometimes It's The Little Things

I've been making a real effort to find joy in little things throughout the day. This can be easier said than done because our mind naturally wants to go to that "why me?!" place. This living in the moment and being more aware brings with it a real true happiness for me. Let me give you a couple of examples:

 I have recently started taking acting classes (way out of my comfort zone but I love it) and my daughter Ella and I run my lines together in the evening. This is so much fun, it's a little bonding time for us and there are always lots of laughs when I get a line wrong. This is just so much nicer than continually telling her to go to sleep. I think it's also a good way to help her relax at the end of the night, a bit like a bedtime story but she's completely involved and loves helping me.

My son Marshall loves to draw and will spend hours creating these very complex pictures where he perfectly captures the movement of all the little men who are running around on the sheet.

Here's just one little example:

When he and Ella left recently to spend a few days with my parents over Spring break he drew a picture for Chris, rolled it up with an elastic, and left it on Chris's nightstand. For me he left a Hershey's chocolate kiss that he had been saving from Valentines Day. He didn't tell us he did this and we didn't find them until after the two of them had left. My heart wanted to burst with love and I missed them both so much even though they'd only left that morning.

A final example? This morning I had to get up at 4am to make a trip to the airport to ship something. Rather than feel irritated that I had to be up so early I focused on how empty the roads were and how bright the stars were shining...the coffee was delicious and I got to enjoy the sunrise on the way home. By the time I got back the kiddies were just getting up for school and I felt wide awake and way ahead of the game.

Good vibes only, that's my mantra these days.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Off On The Right Foot

Having signed up for a race (see here) it was time to get new shoes. I have been using Asics for years now but the last pair I bought have not been my friends. Running in them has for the first time ever given me pain in my right knee and plantar fasciitis. I suspect this is because of the heavy arch support being just a bit too far back in my arch and therefore causing my foot to land poorly. My knee is still bugging me off and on but the PF seems to be gone.

I tried on several pairs of shoes when I went shopping at the local sports store and came home with these ones from Under Armour, they are the Micro G Limitless

They feel a bit like putting on a big sock, so comfy, and I love how they look. This is my first time buying UA shoes but I have had their clothing before and have been happy with it. I haven't taken them out for a run yet (tomorrow), but I think they will feel pretty good. They are much lighter than my Asics and don't have the same overdone arch support.

I have been looking ahead for the year and deciding what races/challenges I would like to set for myself, and I am seriously considering adding the Whistler Mudderella race to my list. Has anyone run one before? What did you think? I want to find things that are both a challenge and fun and I think Mudderella ticks both of those boxes. Ideally I'd love to form a team to go so if you're interested in doing that then let me know and we'll make it happen.

Are there any other races you'd recommend? I would love to hear about them in the comments section.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello from the other side!

I'm back, did you miss me? Sorry for the long hiatus, sometimes life's journey takes you around the long way. I do love blogging and feel like I really need it some days, the sharing of the journey with you is so cathartic. I've been much more active on Snapchat if you'd like to follow along with me there ( @mariahdupuy ) as it's such a quick and easy way to let you know what I've been up to. I found it a bit confusing when I first started using it but now I'm kind of addicted. 
I've been working hard at getting my head where it needs to be. How's that for getting right to the point? I've been trying to bring my self back to centre rather than feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, and stressed. I know that the coming of Spring has made a big difference, as winter is really hard for me, especially this last one where the rain just never seemed to let up. Spring has lots of rain too but it's less depressing and means that Summer is right around the corner. The biggest thing helping me however, has been good old outdoor exercise. I have to push myself hard to get out the door everyday but I am guaranteed to come home with a smile on my face when I'm done. It gives me a complete attitude change. I am lucky to live where I do with a lot of options for outdoor activity, you just have to remember to dress appropriately because the weather will probably change 547 times while you're out there....ah the west coast.

I am a first born and definitely fit the mold. I am goal oriented and love to work for the gold star. With that in mind I have been slowly (remember I'm trying to keep things low stress) setting goals for myself to get my fitness back on track. I started with the goal of working out (outdoor or gym) four days a week with trying to make five days happen, but if it didn't I wouldn't beat myself up...four was the goal. I have been consistently making this happen for the last few weeks (gold star for me!) and I am now ready to set the next goal.

The next goal being a 5K race. I haven't run a race since Oct 2013 when I ran an easy 5K with my sister (so much fun!). Definitely time to go again. My plan is to run the Victoria Goddess 5K in June, in fact....I stopped writing this blog post after I typed that and registered for the race. Done. I WILL be running the Victoria Goddess 5K in June.

Living an active lifestyle has a snowball effect on the everything else happening in my life...I'm happier, I sleep better, I feel stronger, I'm more motivated and I'm being a good example to my kids. I want to continue on this way, for all our sakes. I WILL continue on this way. 

I would love to hear how you are managing to keep yourself happy and healthy, and if you're not how you are planning to. Do you work well with goals? Are you happier with a schedule or are you more of a free spirit? What do you draw on when you need a little motivation to get out the door?