Monday, April 25, 2016

Bring on the 5k's!

I have been running quite a bit, at least three days a week, sometimes more, and I decided to enter not one, not two, but THREE 5k races.

I'm starting with a local colour run and I can't wait. I have wanted to do one of these for awhile as they just look like so much fun! It's not timed so not competitive, it's all about getting out there and enjoying yourself while running. Ella, my nine year old daughter is running with me too while husband Chris and son Marshall (6) will be along to take pictures. If you are in the Ladysmith area and think you might want to join in you can register here.

The next run will be the Goddess Run which is all about the ladies! This woman's only run is in it's fifth year and supports some amazing charities. There are lots of choices as far as distances and the whole weekend promises to be a fun one with yoga, concerts, beer gardens and prizes. If you want to join in you can click here.

The third run is the Foam Run which is muddy, foamy and full of obstacles. I suspect there will be a lot of laughter as well. I've been thinking a Mudderella run might be fun and this will be a nice taste...a baby mud run if you will. Want to join in? Click here. Don't forget to watch the video...looks like so much fun!

A big thank you to my friend Dana for committing to run these races with me, always more fun with a buddy. The more the merrier so if you decide to enter be sure to let me know.

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