Friday, June 10, 2016

Getting Off Course

Getting off course can happen so easily. One day you're hitting your workout goals hard and eating super clean and the next you're wondering what in the heck happened as you put off another workout and indulge in the chocolate that's been calling your name. Your brain happened. Staying on course and in line with your goals is such a mental game. I (and everyone else) fight it everyday. The part that doesn't make sense is I feel one million times better when I work out and eat well so why in the heck would I ever go off course?? Because crappy food takes no effort, sugar is like a drug (a very potent drug!) and exercising is hard work. You have to bring your A game every single day. I don't mean never indulging in anything ever, that would make life pretty boring, but you do have to live your life with your health and wellness at the forefront of everyday if you want to be fit. It means recommitting every morning, scheduling your workouts as appointments that cannot be missed and prep prep prepping your food. Make it as easy as possible to stay on track because we both know how easy it is to get off. 

I am writing this post for both myself and those of you reading. I've gotten off track and I'm pep talking myself into getting back on. If I'm in need of inspiration I hit Pinterest ( you can find my motivation board here ), fitness blogs, Facebook groups and YouTube (so many great videos on motivation) and listen to Podcasts (I'm a huge Anthony Robbins fan). What do you do to bring yourself back around? Please share in the comments section as I'm always looking for inspiration!


  1. Oh boy. How easy to get off course. One minor family issue, a summer cold, and I'm back to my old non exercising habits. I'm in the tough muddier next week and I feel less fit than 6 months ago when I decided to do it.

    1. But you did it!! And you kicked butt! So proud! :D