Thursday, June 23, 2016

Currently Reading

The last time I was in Costco I was browsing through the book section (which I always do) and came across a book called Stalker by Lars Kepler. I read the synopsis and it sounded creepily good, but it turns out it was the fifth book in a series so rather than buy it I went home and ordered book number one from my local library. The Hypnotist arrived quickly and I dug right in.

This book is now responsible for keeping me up at night....not because it's scary (it is creepy but not enough to give you nightmares...well, maybe if you are really sensitive) but because I can't put it down. I'm staying up late into the night reading it and then of course paying for it the next day, but I'm on the last few pages now so should be able to catch up my sleep shortly.

Lars Kepler is a Swedish husband and wife writing team and while they have each been published on their own I think they have knocked it out of the park with this collaboration. I already have book number two, The Nightmare, on order.

What are you reading these days? Do you like crime thrillers or do you favor a different genre?


  1. Mysteries, Mysteries, Mysteries reading the Christopher Greyson "Jack" series right now.