Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Tour de Rock Fun Run

The Tour de Rock Fun Run was my first colour run and it was so much fun (wow..that was a lot of rhyming). This was the first year Tour de Rock hosted this event and there are already plans in the works to do it again next year. I'll be there front and center. The run was put on to raise funds for pediatric cancer and truly I can't imagine a more worthy cause, I was happy to support it.

This run is very low key and the focus is on fun. All ages and fitness levels are welcome and the run is not timed. Ella joined me for the race and so did my friend Dana and her two littles.

Here are Ella and I lined up to pick up our races packages which included a t shirt, sunglasses and a bag of colour.

Too cool for school...

As soon as people had colour in hand it was flying around everywhere. It was kind of like begin a kid again.

Once everyone was checked in (and sufficiently colourful) the crowd got together for a group photo, and then started getting warmed up in a quick exercise sesh with Jenn Byrne who is a local fitness instructor.

And then we were off!

The fire department did a good job of getting everyone wet which really helped the colour to stick.

I think the colour station attendees really enjoyed throwing colour on everyone, probably just as much as everyone enjoyed having it thrown on them (lots of people slowed right down or went through again to get the maximum dose of colour). It was definitely thinking ahead in that everyone got sunglasses in their race packages as it saved the eyes from getting doused in powder.

It was an easy, mostly flat run and the group (400 + I heard) was an enthusiastic one. Marshall was very excited to see Ella and I come across the finish line.

Aiden happily rang his bells throughout the race!

Watch out!

After the run there were oranges, granola bars and lots of water to go around (as well as a water station halfway through which was much appreciated).

This was a really fun family event as shown by Dana and hers.

Poor Chris was taking pictures so didn't get featured in any, but as always he was there to happily support us and as always I am beyond grateful for that. Love you babe!

We did it Dana! Our first of three 5k's. I'm already looking forward to the next one (which is next weekend!).

I was thrilled to be able to share this with Ella as I really feel like part of living a healthy and fit lifestyle is getting everyone involved. I love my little running partner.

The end of a great morning, we'll be back next year!

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