Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Keeping it real....natural

My name is Mariah and I'm a product addict...there, I said it. I love beauty products. My sisters and I used to spend hours wandering around pharmacies and drugstores looking at new make up and smelling different lotions and hair products. It was so much fun and felt like Christmas once you got everything home. I have passed that product love on to my children, both of them love to check out everything on the shelves, smell every bottle, tests colours on the back of their hands. It's become a family affair.
 What I have learned since I was a young girl is just how many toxic ingredients go into the making of all those fabulous products....making them not so fabulous. Now my mission is to find clean toxin free natural products for both myself and my family. When the kiddies and I check out products we include reading the label along with smelling and testing.

I love sharing my finds since I know that hunting down products like these can be both time consuming, and costly if the product doesn't work as well as it's says it will.

Here is what I have been loving:

This foot butter from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company is fairly new to me but I have been really happy with it so far. I love the smell, it's refreshing and clean..perfect for feet, and my very dry flip flop wearing summer feet are full on laying down and thanking me for it. They were definitely in need of some buttery lovin'.

LaVanilla deodorant is really having a moment right now, and I'm so glad. I have tried many times over the years to find a natural deodorant with no aluminum that actually worked and every one has failed. LaVanilla has brought new hope. Although I wouldn't trust it to work while running a marathon or anything it's perfect for everyday wear, and has been holding up to the very hot summer we've been having here. You can find it either directly from LaVanilla or it's also available at Sephora. My favourite scent is actually Vanilla Summer although I ended up buying the Vanilla Grapefruit by accident (careful not to mix scents on the back of your hand!), and it's pretty good, smells a bit like fresh laundry.

I've had Bite Beauty's Agave Lip Mask for months now and I still love it. I use it before going to sleep at night for a long lasting deep treatment, and I also use it as a clear lip gloss during the has amazing staying power. The tube is expensive but will last you forever so is well worth the purchase in my opinion. This product is safe enough to eat which makes me feel good when my seven year old daughter wants to use it too.

My littles are the most important thing to me and that means that even more than for myself I want to keep things as natural and toxin free as I can for them. They love their bubble baths and I love this Fairy Whispers Bubble Bath from Kogi Naturals. The whole bathroom smells so nice and fresh and clean...and check out that ingredient list, not a nasty thing in sight. It makes great bubbles too.

I hope I've shared something you've been looking for, any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and product suggestions for me are always welcome too!

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