Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Business Feature: Pacific Coast Soap Works

My introduction to Pacific Coast Soap Works came through a friend. She was having some issues with her dogs coat being flakey and itchy after bathing, so when she came across the Pacific Coast booth at a farmers market in her area she decided to give their pet soap a try. She used it, loved it and so did her more flaking and itching.  When her dog came and stayed with me for a short while I was able to use (and consequently love) it too. I immediately ordered two bars for my own dogs and I have been very happy with it as a nice mild cleanser for them. It has a wonderful citronella scent and the essential oil blend used works well to fight against fleas and ticks,  an excellent bonus..we don't want our pets to have pets! 

As those of you who follow this blog know I am always looking for cleaner, less toxic options in my day to day life so when the pet soap worked so well I decided to order some of the soap for my family as well.

I'm really happy with the soaps I ordered. First off they last forever. I find that most store bought soap rinses away in the shower very quickly and ends up down the drain...not so with the Pacific Coast soap. They also smell amazing, I wish you could have been here when I opened the box...clean, fresh and natural..not perfume like. I was very pleasantly surprised with how well it lathers, I was wondering if a natural soap could give me the same sudsing ability as a store bought soap and it more than compares. But the best part of all are the ingredients....100% pure virgin olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil, food grade essential oils and herbs and spices. My skin feels great, no itchy tightness and  no adverse reactions...and I tend to be sensitive!

One of my favourite scents so far is Mandarin Spice, it's warm, a bit exotic and deliciously spicy. Of course I don't have a picture of that one because it's the first one I used. ;)

The Anise Luffa is a close second as far as favourite scent and the soap has been formed around the luffa which means it's fabulous for exfoliating...such a great idea.

The Pink Clay Complexion bar is their mud mask in a bar and is like getting an at home mud treatment for your entire body.

These soaps are so nice and so reasonably priced that I'm sure you'll love them. Nancy and Astrid who own the company are offering readers a little bonus to try them out. If you order five soaps then you get a sixth for free, just mention this blog post when you order.

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