Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Random Fitness Update

I have the best of intentions to blog more, I really do, and I have all these blog posts in my head but for some reason finding the time to sit down and type it out is evading me. Today I thought I'd just kind of let random things come out and fall where they may.

I've been working hard on my fitness lately. My weight loss/getting fit always seems to happen in spurts...I kind of imagine it like a ball dropping. When you drop the ball it never bounces up as high as the bounce previous to it, so goes my weigh loss...down 15, gain a couple back, down 10, gain a couple back...but I never go back to the old weight which is good. I'm getting there..albeit slowly, but the slow weight loss is usually permanent (or so I'm told), and that must be true because as I said I'm not going all the way back.

 I'm part of a Facebook group that has been a good place to talk about food and exercise and keep me on track. Because of that group I have lots of food pictures so thought I would share a few here. These are my typical breakfasts. I've cut out sugar for the most part although I do have a teaspoon in my morning tea...because gosh darn it..I like it. In order to make this a lifestyle change I have to keep things doable and having that sugar in my tea in the morning is my concession.

I try to get in some complex carbs in the form of good bread (loving Silver Hills brand...Mack's Flax, Squirrely, The Big 16...all delicious) with either coconut almond butter or avocado, and protein in the form of eggs or cottage cheese. I usually have a little something on the side as you can see by the orange and green beans to round things out.

I found a couple of Pinterest recipes recently that I've really been enjoying. The first one isn't really a recipe as it's so easy...just melt down some dark chocolate (70% or higher cacao), spread it out into little circles on parchment paper and top with chopped dried fruit, nuts and seeds (I used cherries, strawberries, apricots, almonds and chia seeds here), cool in the fridge and enjoy as a healthy treat.

This edamame and feta salad was so good I made it two days in a row...once for us and again the following night to take to dinner at our friends, delicious.

I've been trying to run at least three or four days a week and was finally able to get outside for a 6k when we had a change in the weather. It's been so hot here that I've been very thankful for my treadmill inside with AC. I'm also super happy that in this picture I put my arm up and then didn't flex at all..... #mushybicep... :S

I have two main fitness goals at the moment. The first is to run 5kms without walking at all and the second is to do a pull up. I have never been able to do a pull up, or at least not since I was a little kid and honestly maybe not even then, but this year I will do one. 
I found this little gem at Wal Mart for $40 and now I feel a lot closer to making that goal happen. I also feel my very sore arms from practicing....sore is the new sexy right?

I have never been really fit before. I have been thin, but not fit, and this year I'm working hard to make the latter happen.

 Currently this is where I am in that goal:

Give it all you've got....grrr!

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